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Repair tips

Below are some tips on how you can maintain your refrigerator on your own. These steps are very easy to do and should take no more than several minutes of your time.
• Clean the condenser coils twice a year – The coils are the very pieces that remove the heat from inside the refrigerator and the freezers. They are very easy to spot as they look like large radiator-type coils that are located either beneath or the back of the unit. The thing with these coils is that dirt tends stick to them and when they are coated in dust and dirt, they fail to do their job efficiently. All you need is a long-handled bristle brush to clean the dust and dirt off and you should be good. We advise you to read the user’s manual that comes with your Viking refrigerator to learn how the coils are to be cleaned.
• Clean and replace the gasket –Confused as to what the gasket is? It is that rubber seal that outlines the doors of the Viking refrigerators. Years of experience has taught us that this part of the refrigerator is often overlooked and that is a shame since it plays a huge part in sealing out warmth from the outside. If the refrigerator is brand new, we advise you to clean it from time to time using universal cleaners but they do need to be replaced after some time because they weaken and no longer seal the refrigerators as efficiently as they ought. In fact, we have found that it takes several years for them to weaken and when that that happens, you can call on us for help and we will do the replacing for you so that you do not have to worry about doing the job wrong. Do not worry, they are quite cheap and very easy to replace so you shouldn’t have to suffer too long without your refrigerator.
• Replace the filters for the water or ice dispenser – We recommend a filter change every six months. Some GE refrigerator models have a replacement indicator light for the water filter cartridge on the dispenser. Consult your owner’s manual for specifics for your refrigerator for more information. If you do not replace the filters, you could compromise not just the function of your refrigerator but the quality of your water and ice as well.
Sometimes things just go wrong and you cannot fix it on your own. If you notice that your Viking refrigerator doesn’t function as well as it should, you need to call on the appliance repair professionals and let us do what we were trained to do.